March 21, 2016

Knoxville Photographer – Spring Photography – History of the Heart


More than just offering something to pose on rather than grass, quilts have a deeper meaning for me. Not only do they had lots of bright colors, but they had a piece of history and heart.

When I first started out, my dear grandma passed away. Between that and a few other storms I was battling, it was a really difficult time for me. As we were going through her treasures and trunks, we found a quilt. Actually a few. One in particular was one that was made just for me. It was never given to my parents or myself and I believe there was a reason for that only God knows. When I learned that it was meant to belong to me, something changed my life that day. I realized that it was a piece of history. A piece that was perfected in a joyous time but discovered during a very trying time in my life.

That’s what this thing I call my job is all about. Capturing a piece of history. Capturing the heart and soul of a life lived together. Whether it’s a family that battles infertility and is finally given the gift of a new life. Or a couple that may have not had the easiest relationship but choosing forever together.

These history blankets are a reminder to me of where I’ve come from and that trust history I’ve built with the Lord.

We had quilts as table runners for our wedding. I wanted that visual for myself of that beautiful piece of history that brought me to that joyous day.

Below are just a few quilt favorites from previous sessions.

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