July 27, 2019

3 Reasons Every Bride Gets An Engagement Session – Knoxville Wedding Photographer

Every time I meet with a bridal client, we get a little bit dreamy together about the wedding day. I love hearing about your dresses, flowers, and sweet traditions to honor your love & your new life together. But before we get to your wedding, I always include an engagement session in your package. It always serves to build into an even more beautiful celebration of your love, and here’s why:

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You’ll Have a Special Keepsake – Your engagement session gives you the chance to create some keepsake photos of the two of you in a different, more casual environment. You can choose locations that are sentimental to the two of you (like Kayla and Dusty did in our recent session), and clothes that show your everyday fun personality!

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You’ll Be More Comfortable – I guarantee you, every groom’s biggest hesitation with photography is how awkward it can feel. But when we start with an engagement session, we can get comfortable with one another. Together, we’ll figure out what poses and prompts make you feel most natural in front of the camera, so that when we get to your wedding day we won’t be strangers. You’ll be able to have fun and share your love while I capture the most tender and fun moments of the day!

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You’ll Have the Perfect Wedding Memories – When I get to know your unique personalities through our engagement session, I’ll know how to create the photos that best express who you are and celebrate the love you have for one another. During our session, I’ll learn more about who you are, what makes you tick, what your hobbies, passions, and color preferences are. I’m able to choose sweet nooks of the wedding venue, utilize sentimental props, and keep an eye out for moments I know will be extra special to you.

In short, the reason I include an engagement session in every wedding package? It’s all about you. I can’t want to help you celebrate your love, creating memories to enjoy for the rest of your lives together.

E-mail me and we’ll talk about planning the perfect wedding package for you, including the engagement session of your dreams.



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