July 12, 2014

Personal Post – Gender Reveal Party – Samuel Lewis Lowe




There we were, in the ultrasound room. I’m hyperventilating and Ben is grinning ear to ear. The nurse continues to do a full anatomy scan on our sweet baby and says that everything is looking wonderful. Then, out of nowhere, she says, “Ben, you’re having a son.”

A boy? Wow! We were shocked. For weeks now we were convinced Baby Lowe was a girl. So needless to say, we’re excited. My first thought? “What am I going to do with a boy? I don’t know anything about raising a boy!” It was just my sister and I growing up. This does not mean I am not excited. I am beyond ecstatic the more I think about it.

We decided to throw a little gender reveal party for our sweet family. I really was never a huge fan of the idea only because so many of the ones you see on Pinterest are so elaborate. We wanted to keep it simple and to honor our family and bless them for being such huge supporters during this time of our lives. So we had a BBQ cookout and swim party. Where? Where do you think? My parents’ house! I love the fact that we celebrated it there, since it was the same place where we said ‘I do’ 2 years ago. It was just fitting. 2014-07-12_0009

Lanna made the desserts. Macarons, cake pops, and cookies! Our theme was the Birds and the Bees. (yes, it is exactly what you’re thinking…all Ben’s idea HA!) 2014-07-12_0010 2014-07-12_0011 2014-07-12_0012 2014-07-12_0013 2014-07-12_0014

For the reveal part, we decided to use silly string. We wanted something crazy and different. We took the blue caps off of the silly string cans and put printed duct tape around the cans so none could see the color. Everyone gathered around us and aimed. This was the result!2014-07-12_0015 2014-07-12_0016 2014-07-12_0017 2014-07-12_0018 2014-07-12_0019 2014-07-12_0020 2014-07-12_0021 2014-07-12_0022 2014-07-12_0023 2014-07-12_0024 2014-07-12_0025Needless to say, our families and friends were thrilled! A boy! What a gift and what a special day! Now for the meaning of our baby boy’s name…

Many have asked why we chose the name, Samuel Lewis Lowe. When we were engaged, we had discussed it a little and Ben told me a story.

Many of you do not know Ben’s testimony. A big part of his story is a few years before we started dating. He was going through a deep and dark depression. Dealing with loneliness and suicidal thoughts, he was getting older and all of his friends and family were finding love in marriage and in new families. Ben never stopped going to Jesus. After a year of restoration and hope, he heard God say, “Ben, what do you desire?” Ben, honestly, said “A son. I would love to have a wife and son.” At that time he was reading in the bible about how Hannah cried out for a son. She named her first born Samuel, meaning “heard by God”. Ben had made a vow that if he were to ever have a son, he would give him the name “Samuel”. You’re probably thinking, “Amber, you had no choice?” How could I turn down a name like that? It was a mark on Ben’s life and mine. Even though I didn’t know it at the time. If this last year has taught us anything, it’s that we are heard by God when we cry out to him for help. Our marriage is a testimony of that.
As for the name Lewis. We both decided on that one. He will also be named after CS Lewis. An author that is close to our hearts. One that has a imagination and poetic grasp on the gospel. Constantly challenging readers with the tough thoughts and questions about the Christian life.
Our pray for our Samuel is that he would grow to be a man that knows God’s voice well. A sheep that knows his shepherd’s voice. One with an imagination and a joy for the gospel of Jesus Christ.

This is only the beginning…

Thanks to our friend Stacy Steele for letting me borrow her camera (yeah, I forgot mine! Can you believe that?) and taking photos of the reveal.





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